Pitch to concept

From pitch to final result

For De Mensen, Proximus and Eén we created a strategy for the launch of the TV Show 'Undercover'.

Them together with The Island have a giant network of people to reach. That's why we focused on creating a cool online experience that would catch the attention of the big public. And with success! An online game with more than 15.000 subscribers. The best players of the game could win tickets for the avant premiere of Undercover.


Win tickets playing the
online game with Tom Waes

Tom Waes guiding the entire game untill the last question: 'Where will the secret event take place?'. Close to the checkpoint? You win!


What's the fuzz all about?

A big network of influencers, actors, media companies, ... shouted about the campaign. The Fuzz was real, I'm sure you've seen it. It was all over the web!


The exclusive kick-off
event was amazing

The lucky winners where invited to the big launch event and could watch the first 3 chapters of the TV Show. The event started with a party and ended with an even bigger party.