Trusted partner

A trusted partner
for more than 7 years

The Island is a trusted partner of De Mensen already for many years. Campaigns, websites, photography, development, strategies, video, pitches, ... We did a lot together and more to come.

CRM System

One place to manage everything of the company

The Island created a CRM system for De Mensen. One place to manage everything: reservations, invoices, dashboard, order lunch, contacts, ...


Supporting almost
every project

We supported lots of projects. We created pitches for TV Shows who are currently on TV, pictures who are seen on lots of media channels, online activations for shows like Wauters versuz Waes or Blokken, ... and many more. Want to find out more? contact us for more information.


Get a glimps behind the scenes. Just a glimps...

For instagram and other platforms, from time to time we go to a production take behind the scenes pictures.