About Us

More then 10 years experience,
and we can prove it.

The Island is a multi disciplined creative studio based in Antwerp working closely with a broad range of clients. We are lucky to have satisfied clients such as Tom Waes, De Mensen, MNM, VRT, Medialaan, Tatyana Beloy, StuBru, Adriaan van den Hoof and many, many more. We help them create enhanced and engaging experiences that connect them to their audiences through digital design, print, video and brand development. Check our projects to get a glimps of the work done by The Island Agency.


A vision without a strategy
remains an illusion

We have a solid strategy for every business.
Let's talk and find out what we can do for your project.


A high-end and perfectly targeted Instagram ad with the right ambassador? Communication is key. We know the right way to communicate with your specific audience both online and offline.


A new idea, creative thoughts, new inventions... We go from an idea to a detailed and complete concept that adds value to your company or product.


Expertise in every industry, on all platforms allows us to create vivid and compelling brand experiences for clients to connect them to their audiences.


Our knowledge of E-commerce is one of our greatest assets. We help clients to build a solid commerce solution to increase their sales – both online and offline.


We analyse and create the best go-to-market strategy for our clients.


We are the link between the ambassador and the company. We have a big network including belgian actors, musicians, influencers, ...

Our Clients

We are very proud to
present you our clients

During our 10 years of experience we have had the opportunity to work with the most ambitious people and companies.

The companies

We have worked with companies in all kinds of industries.
The biggest entertainment companies in belgium and many, many more

The people

Musicians, professional athletes, actors,...